AMERICAN HONORS – COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROGRAM THE WAY TO THE BEST UNIVERSITIES IN AMERICAAmerican Honors is a Community College program 2 + 2 (2-years Community College and 2-years University). This is a program that is recognize in the US in order to choose good students from Community Colleges and transfer to top Universities with costs for the first 2 years is from $20,000 to $25,000 per year. Normally, the top Universities have strict entry enquirements. If students wish to study in Universities such as Stanford (#5), Pennsylvania (#7), Cornell (#16)… they need to prepare carefully and high cost. American Honors 2 + 2 will be a great choice for students and to help students success when:

  • Aim of students is to be achieved a bachelor from one of the first Universities in America.
  • Students are worry about costs when they study in the top Universities.
  • Students would like to be received supports from tutors and professors during their studying time.
  • Students would like to have interested experiences and activities to develop comprehensibility.AMERICAN HONORS – COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROGRAM THE WAY TO THE BEST UNIVERSITIES IN AMERICA

Reasons to choose American Honors:

  • Location across the US: Whether you want to be close to the vibrant cultural scene of New York city, the climate of Texas or the relaxed nature-inspired atmosphere of Seattle, we have schools located right where you want to be.
  • 360 Support, one-on-one advising sessions: You will never be lost with American Honors. From enrollment through transfer, you receive personalized guidance on everything from your degree plan and course selection to school selection, financial aid and scholarships.
  • Small, interactive class experience. Enjoy an engaging honors curriculum is an environment that makes it easy to connect with professors and peers. With no more than 25 students in your American Honors classes, you can really get to know your fellow honors students
  • A large transfer network and assured admission pathways. Our transfer network provides students with assured admissions to a number of top US universities and competitive admission at many more. Want to attend a university outside of network? American Honors can help you get accepted into your dream school.

Community Colleges teach American Honors Program:

  1. Community Colleges of Spokane – Washington
  2. Mercer County Community College – New Jersey
  3. Pierce College – Washington
  4. Navarro College – Texas
  5. Ivy Tech Community College – Indiana
  6. Jackson College – Michigan

Tuition Fee and Living expend (USD):

Schools Tuition Fee Insurance Fee Books Living expend Other fees Total
Community Colleges

of Spokane

12,150 777 465 6,000 921 20,313
Pierce College 12,995 630 750 5,400 2,250 22,025
Mercer County

Community College

13,250 800 1,400 8,000 2,200 25,650
Navarro College 12,175 750 2,000 5,100 1,000 21,025
Jackson College 12,175 1,200 1,370 6,300 3,109 24,154
Ivy Tech

Community College

12,150 1,071 1,500 5,824 4,644 25,189

 Entry Requirements:

  • GPA 7.0
  • English Proficiency: IELTS 6.0/ TOEFL iBT 71/ ITEP 4.5/ PTE 54
  • Students can take the school tests
  • An English essay

Intake: January, April, August

Scholarships: $4.000 scholarships for good students when they apply for one of Community Colleges of American Honors system.

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