CAMBRIDGE EDUCATION GROUP (CEG)Cambridge Education Group (CEG) was established in 1952, CEG is held with the academic programs of the highest quality, most innovative, and the global academy system is present in UK, USA and This is considered effective technology platform and is a solid step, perfect for the student can gain admission to top schools in the world in both the UK and the US, including the University of Cambridge as, LSE, UCL, University of Oxford, …

In America, CEG provides ESL, High school (from grade 9 to grade 12) and International Year One program. CEG collaborated with hundred of schools such as River University, Suffolk University, Southern New Hampshire University, Bryant University, Newbury College, Wheelock College, Morrisville State College… And four campuses: CATS Academy Boston, On Campus BOSTON, On Campus SUNY, On Campus TEXAS.



On Campus Boston’s training programs help international students more easily catch up with the university environment. You have been training for a year in Wheelock College and then transfer to the second year of university. Each week, participants will learn advanced course lasts 25 hours, in which you not only get to learn the general knowledge but also improve the ability to use English. Therefore, the curriculum of On Campus Boston equivalent to 28-32 years 1 university credits. The class of programs designed small, no more than 15 students per class so students in the class will receive dedicated support from tutors and teachers. One advantage for your high school student that On Campus Boston offers an opportunity to live in dormitories with American students, this will be a good thing to help your palanquin exchange of learning American culture and improve the ability to communicate.


Total of costs for the OnCampus BOSTON first year and next three years at Wheelock College:

Costs OnCampus BOSTON First Year Year 2 (estimate) Year 3 (estimate) Year 4 (estimate)
Tuition fee $ 30,000 $ 31,675 $ 31,675 $ 31,675
Living costs $ 14,000 $ 14,000 $ 14,000 $ 14,000
Insurance $ 2,500 $ 2,500 $ 2,500 $ 2,500
Other fees $ 1,355 $ 1,355 $ 1,355 $ 1,355
Total $ 47,855 $ 49,530 $ 49,530 $ 49,530

CAMBRIDGE EDUCATION GROUP (CEG)On Campus Program SUNY Morrisville State College is located at (MSC) in the heart of New York City. MSC is a modern learning facility, equipped from the coffee room, library, restaurant to the ice rink to serve the needs of students. MSC is a prominent member of the SUNY (System of New York University). On Campus SUNY’s transition program in 2 universities, help international students easier in learning in new environments. On Campus enrolled at SUNY, you do not need to point SAT, individual leaderboards and letters of recommendation. The knowledge from the program is equivalent to year 1 college. After a year of study at On Campus SUNY, you can subscribe to any college you want, however the number of credits completed in one year you will be 100% committed to ensure that you can transition to any public school system in 64 universities of the state of New York. There are many universities in the system be appreciated in the world rankings. On Campus SUNY students will also receive support from private tutor program that arrange your individually to improve the efficiency of learning.

Total of costs for the OnCampus SUNY first year and next 3 years at Morrisville State College:

Costs OnCampus SUNY First Year Year 2 (estimate) Year 3 (estimate) Year 4 (estimate)
Tuition fee $ 25,000 $ 15,820 $ 15,820 $ 15,820
Living costs $ 14,910 $ 14,910 $ 14,910 $ 14,910
Insurance $ 1,030 $ 1,030 $ 1,030 $ 1,030
Other fees $ 1,765 $ 1,765 $ 1,765 $ 1,765
Total $ 42,705 $ 33,525 $ 33,525 $ 33,525
  1. On Campus TEXAS

CAMBRIDGE EDUCATION GROUP (CEG)On Campus TEXAS located at the University of North Texas (UNT), is specially designed to provide you with skills for success – academically, socially and professionally. As a full time student, you will earn college credit towards your future degree while also gaining a deeper understanding of Texas, the US and its education system.

UNT is a large public, student – centered research university located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It is committed to advancing educational excellence and preparing students to become thoughtful, engaged citizens of the world. Founded in 1890, it is now the 25th largest university in the US, enrolling 36,000 students across 99 bachelors, 83 masters and 36 doctoral degree programs On Campus Texas provides you with the tools needed to successfully start and succeed, in your chosen degree program.

Total of costs for the OnCampus TEXAS first year and next three years at University of North Texas

Costs OnCampus TEXAS First Year Year 2 (estimate) Year 3 (estimate) Year 4 (estimate)
Tuition fee $ 25,000 $ 18,034 $ 18,034 $ 18,034
Living costs $ 9,270 $ 6,000 – 9,000 $ 6,000 – 9,000 $ 6,000 – 9,000
Other fees $ 5,550 $ 5,550 $ 5,550 $ 5,550
Total $ 39,820 $ 29,000 – 32,000 $ 29,000 – 32,000 $ 29,000 – 32,000

Entry Enquirements:

  • Completion of grade 12 with good result
  • GPA ≥ 7.0
  • TOEFL iBT 55/IELTS 5.0
  • Interview with representative of school

Note: If students do not meet the English proficient, they can take the CEG tests instead.

Scholarships: CEG provides scholarships from 10% – 50% tuition fees for good students who apply for the first year programs

Admission Requirements:

  1. Application form
  2. The last three years transcripts
  3. TOEFL/IELTS or CEG tests
  4. Interviewing with a representative of CEG if applicants would like to apply for scholarships
  5. Passport
  6. Bank statement.

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