What we offer

Having operated since 2003, Atlantic strives to bring the best services to our customers and send them to International  institutions around the world. As such, maintaining the best relationships with our partners is of paramount importance to us.

  • Looking for new partners

At Atlantic, we believe that the Vietnamese market has been largely untapped and has a lot of room for growth. We are always looking to develop close collaborations with international institutions. We have both local and foreign staff actively seeking to develop personalised relationships with overseas partners. Once we become partners, we will set-up an online meeting to train the consultants on your school and programs. You are also always welcome to come to our office to meet our staff and discuss closer partnerships.

If you are looking to develop the Vietnamese market, please contact us.

  • Promotion

Our large and experienced marketing team sets us apart from other agencies in Vietnam. We are always looking for new and creative ways to promote our partners. For example, many of our programs and events have been broadcasted on prestigious Vietnamese TV channels such as VTV1 and VTV4. Click on the video link to see one of our recent TV shows. We can also offer tailored promotions depending on your needs.


When we become partners, we will include a promotional section on our website about your school. We can also post a personalised article in our hot news section of our website and on our Facebook page  We also regularly promote on online student magazines such as Vnexpress and Dantri.


With more than 12 years’ experience, Atlantic has developed a large network of partner schools in Vietnam and a stable, long term relationship with the Ministry of Education. It allows us to conduct special seminars in schools and organize events in Vietnam. We also run an International Club at our head office in Hanoi where we can organize special workshops, seminars and discussions. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, we can organize tailored events or seminars for you.

  • Scholarships

We believe scholarships are the best and most effective way to attract Vietnamese students. We currently run successful scholarship programs with our partners in Korea and Japan, and send more than 500 students annually to schools in these countries. If you are interested in discussing and developing scholarship opportunities with Atlantic, our international department will support you fully. Click on the video link to see one of our scholarship program.

  • Familiarisation trips

When entering the Vietnamese market, it is important for international institutions to develop strong relationships with the Ministry of Education. We have learned the importance and the benefits of being involved with familiarisation trips. Atlantic has extensive experience in organising fam trips and we would be happy to work with you in setting up a trip to your institution. Click on the video link to see our last fam trip in Spain.

  • Stable and reliable communication

Atlantic currently employs foreign staff from Canada, England, Korea and Japan who actively work with our consultants and marketing team to ensure cultural misunderstandings and problems are avoided. Our contact us page lists our staff from the International department who are happy to assist with any enquiries.